Advanced Embodiment Program

For Dedicated Heroes Only:
An Advanced Embodiment Training to Supercharge your Body and Life

Advanced Program Registration is Now Closed

Next Program Starts in Summer. Pre-Registration Opens Late Spring

Note: This program is an advanced offering recommended for those familiar with EmbodyAwesome and Transformational Fitness. If you are new to us, we recommend beginning with one of our EmbodyAwesome Bootcamps. Click here for our Berkeley Bootcamp and click here for our Oakland Bootcamp.
Advanced Embodiment Components

Subtle Body Awareness to Prevent Injury and Feel at Home in Your Skin

High-Intensity Intervals to Push Your Physical Limits

Profound Development Through Intensified Breath, Mind and Energy Training

Creative Fitness 2.0: Hone Life Purpose and Empowered Action as You Hone Your Body

Emotional Fitness 2.0: Accelerate Personal Development with Emotional Training

Social Resilience 2.0: Ignite Your Embodied Leadership through Community-Based Training

Motivational partner exercises, group games and relays play a big part of EmbodyAwesome. Creating community matters and breaking down social barriers with play and exercises was a valued part of my experience.


Program Info

• 2 75-minute sessions a week for 3 weeks (6 sessions @ $13/hour)

• Mondays & Thursdays, 6:30-7:45am

• Held in the vibrant San Pablo park in South Berkeley

• Program packages that include personal coaching and on-call support available

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