Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching: ‘A process of befriending, empowering and vitalizing your physical body in a way that creates whole-self growth and improves your quality of life overall.’


First, What is Life Coaching?

In every field of human excellence, there are those that excel, and there are the coaches they use to uncover and actualize every last bit of potential in them. Whether athlete, actor, musician, politician, C-level exec or entrepreneur, those seeking to reach extraordinary levels of experience and expression make use of coaches.

While the term ‘Life Coaching’ has only been around for three decades or so, the practice stretches as far back into human history as our need for outside perspective, championing, critical feedback, support and inner growth. The role of coach is simply the latest iteration of this essential human need in a long line of counselors, advisers, mentors and wisdom holders, tailored to the needs of our era.

Now, Embodiment Coaching: What, Why and How?

Poking around on our site, you will definitely notice our intense fascination of and love for the physical form. Because we each have a physical body, we are able to leverage it to ’embody’ change at a very tangible and practical level…change that we long for in our lives: changes in fitness and wellness to be sure, but also changes in our relationships, in career, in habits, and in our life satisfaction overall.

Embodiment Coaching is our unique angle on achieving desired life changes. Our belief about life change–informed by our experience over time–is that it requires changing the habits that make up our daily life. In order to change habits, we must change their building blocks–behavior. Behaviors themselves are expressions of our thoughts, feelings and most deeply, our ‘sense of self’.

Embodiment Coaching recognizes this relationship between life change and our ‘sense of self’, and takes advantage of the physical body’s practicality and sensitivity as our ‘point of reference’ to create changes in our sense of self, and thus, our lives.

So if you are liking the idea of making real life improvements through creating a more enjoyable, empowering and loving relationship with your body, Embodiment Coaching is just right for you.

The Embodiment Coaching Experience

Make a New Best Friend

Learn how to fall in love with your body, and make a best friend for life

Whole-Self Development

Enjoy improvements throughout your life as you improve your body relationship. Recognizing and respecting holism, we coach and train the whole person for maximum benefit.

Expert Advocacy

Reach your goals faster and more reliably with a devoted and highly trained advocate in your corner

On-Call Support

Advocacy when you need it through emails and texts; out-of-session advocacy when sabotaging patterns rear their heads

Support Materials

Session notes, training videos, guided audios…the resources you need to keep you successful

I learned how to better manage my anxiety, improved my leadership skills and I found the strength to stand more passionately in my purpose. I’m not checked out, I’m not stressed out–I can actually show up and be present. My life is so much more abundant and joyful now. Scott, Head of Production, Multinational Retail Store

On to the Application!

Frequently Asked Questions

Working privately with a coach provides a safe container for broad and measurable change to occur. Together with your coach, you form an alliance and utilize your combined strengths to explore, outline, and take action towards reaching personal goals big and small. A coach may act as a mirror, championer, accountability partner, provocateur, or take on other roles necessary to provide perspective and clarity along the journey of personal change.

Understanding the critical connection between vitality, resilience, mind-body health and personal life vision, Embodiment Coaching is a specialized form of Life Coaching that strategically prioritizes:

• A holistic connection to one’s body and wellness
• A refined sensing of one’s intuition and interior life
• Awakening one’s life vision and creative purpose

Accelerated growth inside oneself and in one’s environment is often a result of working with a coach. Through this partnership, people are able to explore uncharted and sometimes uncomfortable territory feeling supported. Additionally, they might uncover a deep well of energy and resources within.

Embodiment Coaching is a one-on-one, intensive modality for personal growth and transformation. While coaching focuses on all dimensions of one’s life, these dimensions are primarily addressed through conversation, embodiment techniques and actionable lifestyle goals.

The Superhero Bootcamp is a group modality that is less personally intensive. And while our bootcamp modality works with all dimensions of one’s life, it addresses these dimensions primarily through physical training, group activity and shared reflection.

By combining these two services, you have access to two powerful yet distinct arenas through which to catalyze personal growth, and people that take advantage of this opportunity experience accelerated, profound and lasting development.

Plus, you receive a $25 or $50 discount for taking both together =)

To check out our Berkeley bootcamp, click here. For our Oakland bootcamp, click here.

Here is a short selection of life areas that Embodiment Coaching can effectively address:

• Daily energy levels and stress management
• Wellness, fitness and self-care
• Relationship with self and body
• Personal efficiency and productivity
• Destructive or unskillful habit patterns
• Relationships
• Work-life balance
• Career path
• Big life transitions

Because Life Coaching is not an aspect of life, but rather a way of approaching all aspects of life, it is highly adaptable to most circumstances.

It is very important to us at EmbodyAwesome that our clients receive solid, measurable outcomes. The results one experiences along their coaching journey might show up as big breakthroughs and subtle “ah ha” moments. You may enter in to your coaching program with pre-defined goals or work with your coach to tune into your vision and identify specific outcomes. Your coach will check in with you on how things are going from week to week and track progress as you work together. This progress is reflected in session notes that become sign posts showing you how close or far away you are from achieving your expected results.

Many people who engage in personal coaching have reported experiencing measurable change in the following:

• Personal and/or professional clarity
• Creating and following a personal routine that supports your needs
• Letting go of old pattern behavior that no longer serves
• Increased productivity and/or superior job performance
• Creating harmonized, mutually rewarding and respectful interpersonal relationships socially and professionally
• Creating the life-work balance that you desire
• The learning and mastery of specific personal energy and stress management techniques
• Increased physical health, stability and capacity
• Increased mental health, stability and capacity
• Increased emotional health, stability and capacity
• Increased sense of personal power, self-awareness, and self-worth
• Discovery and stabilization of contact with your authentic/natural self
• Increased sense of overall life fulfillment and satisfaction
• Connection with other supportive resources (teachers, texts, centers, audio/visuals)

The coaches at Embody awesome are not trained psychotherapists. They are trained in various fitness and coaching\counseling modalities that they call upon when working with their clients. It is common to experience the need for some counseling and\or therapy when identifying the self-limiting patterns, blocks, and fears that often come up within the coaching container. Confusion, emotions, memories, and even trauma can surface when doing such deep self-growth work. Your coach will do her best to be honest about her expertise and what she is able provide support with and what falls outside of the “training”, “coaching” or “counseling” realm.

Though not totally accurate, a useful way to make a general distinction is: Therapists help people recover from trauma and emotional and psychological disorders. Coaches help healthy individuals achieve personal goals and projects such as increasing their happiness, better relationships, starting a new business, increasing health and wellness, etc.

• Upon submission of the application (on the ‘Applying for a Coach’ page), our team will read through your responses and determine which of our coaches will be a best fit for you
• We will then contact you directly through email or phone to set up your hour-long consultation, which is at no cost to you
• Along with scheduling your consultation session, you will have a single intake form to fill out and return to us
• If after your consultation session you decide you would like to continue on with Embodiment Coaching, we will create a personally tailored package and submit it to you by email