EmbodyAwesome PM Bootcamp: Oakland

A Community-Based Holistic Exercise Program that Trains You to Meet Life Courageously. This is Transformational Fitness

Oakland Bootcamp Registration is Now Closed

Transformational Fitness Components

Attention to Alignment, Functional Movement and Injury Prevention

Bodyweight Interval Training for Fast and Lasting Results

Holistic Training Integrating Body and Mind

Creative Fitness: Reawaken Drive, Vision and Action

Emotional Fitness: Training Your Attitude for Resilience

Social Resilience: An Engaged Community to Support Your Success

During the 8 weeks of the class, I saw how I was holding back in life because of my perceived physical limitations (allergies, injuries, etc.). By the end of the class, I had pushed beyond those boundaries that I thought were my fixed limitations. I wasn’t stopped by those circumstances anymore and I was expanding in a way that I didn’t think was available for me before I started the bootcamp. -B.W.


• 3 1-hour sessions a week for 8 weeks (24 sessions @ $13 a class)

• Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 6:15-7:15pm

• Held at our beautiful Lake Merritt

• Bootcamp packages that include personal coaching and on-call support available


EmbodyAwesome Bootcamp Details

• Have better results training in community instead of alone
• Do better with a structured yet creative routine
• Are looking to reduce stress and take these principles and practices back into your daily life
• Want to successfully make a definitive change in your life
• Want to feel good about your body, attitude and lifestyle
• Want to train outside of the gym, in an inspiring outdoor environment
• Want to meet others that hold these same goals and values

• Weight loss (burning up to 600 calories a class!)
• Reduced heart-rate and blood pressure
• More rhythmic, smooth and easeful breathing
• More toned, powerful and responsive muscles
• More consistent positive attitude and drive
• Increased capacity to adapt and respond to challenging situations
• Greater self-awareness and situational focus
• Greater physical grace and fewer injuries
• Stronger immune system and less illness
• A community of healthy and heroic friends
• Enjoying yourself!

Transformational Fitness Modality:

• Neuro-muscular fitness: basic physical fitness, as well as being able to cognitively map your body and understand its somatic language
• Psycho-emotional fitness: emotional intelligence as a felt-sense (not just as an idea or concept), precision of focus and concentration, as well as body-centered methods of mindfulness and stress management
• Neuro-endocrine fitness: healthy functioning of critical neuro-transmitters, metabolism, and hormones, as well as your nervous system and gladular system as a whole
• Cardio-respiratory fitness: how well the heart and lungs and their related systems can support the creative demands put on the body and mind in achieving a fulfilling life
• Creative fitness: sensing  and amplifying a somatic sense of purpose, using positive visualization and role play, championing others and sourcing leadership from embodiment
• Relational fitness: being able to cultivate nourishing relationships; it includes communication and interaction, the importance of community in life change, the many non-human relationships we experience, and one’s sense of belonging within larger natural systems and life as a whole

Unique features:

• Double trouble: two trainers and guides that are fully dedicated to your safety, wellness, enjoyment and success
• Bodyweight training: primarily simple bodyweight exercises creating almost no reliance on extra equipment or special environments
• Positive psychology approach: games and encouragement, not yelling and force
• Build stress resilience: the science of stress management built directly into our fitness modality
• Epic alliance: a team of like-purposed heroes to support and inspire you
• Online Database: a life-long virtual community and resource center for all your on-going superhero adventures, complete with support articles, training videos and forum

Bootcamp FAQ

Embodiment Coaching is a one-on-one, intensive modality for personal growth and transformation. While life coaching focuses on all dimensions of one’s life, these dimensions are primarily addressed through conversation, embodiment techniques and actionable lifestyle goals.

The bootcamp is a group modality that is less personally intensive. And while our bootcamp modality works with all dimensions of one’s life, it addresses these dimensions primarily through physical training, group activity and shared reflection.

By combining the bootcamp with coaching, you get two powerful yet distinct arenas through which to catalyze personal growth, and people that take advantage of this opportunity experience accelerated, profound and lasting growth.

Plus, you receive a $25 or $50 discount for taking both together =)

For a more complete description of EmbodyAwesome’s Embodiment Coaching program, click here.

Our EmbodyAwesome Bootcamps are designed with a wide embrace in mind. We regularly have a wide range of participants and desired outcomes: early 20’s to late 50’s, athletes to desk jockeys, weight loss to stress reduction to muscle gain. So if you feel the call to develop your physical fitness in a safe, fun and holistic way, this is a great place to explore.

But more than this, our bootcamps are for people wanting the whole package: not just strong muscles, but a strong mind; not only physically agile but also emotionally agile; not simply at home in your body but at home in your life. This is our Transformational Fitness approach, and whole-person development is our guiding value.

So if you feel that you are ready for empowering transformation, physically and beyond, just give us the opportunity to prove you right.

First, the advanced program is generally only offered to those that have completed one EmbodyAwesome Bootcamp. This is because students learn a basic set of physical and metaphysical practices and vocabulary that form the foundation of our advanced program.

Given the short amount of time we have together in class, our advanced program moves quickly with the assumption that you already have proficiency in these practices and vocabulary. For this reason, if it is your first time to our programs, we ask that you complete at least one basic bootcamp.

Second, if you have already taken a basic bootcamp and are wondering about stepping it up, here are a few things to consider:

• Are you able to make at least 3/4 of the classes?
• Have you been maintaining some form of consistent physical exercise since your last bootcamp season?
• Have you been maintaining some form of consistent breath practice since your last bootcamp season?
• Have you been maintaining some form of consistent awareness or meditative practice since your last bootcamp season?
• Are you able to commit to doing a full length exercise practice on your own one day a week for the duration of the bootcamp?
• Are you able to commit to doing a meditation and breathing practice on your own one day a week for the duration of the bootcamp?
• Are you able to commit to doing a few small but important personal reflection assignments outside of class?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it may be a wise idea to work through another basic bootcamp season before stepping up to the advanced program. If you think you are able to step up, but are unsure on one or more points, please contact us directly through our contact page here.

EmbodyAwesome Bootcamp:

• 1-hour classes are $13
• The bootcamp runs for 24 classes over 8 weeks: $13 x 24 = $312

Advanced Embodiment Program:

• 1.5-hour classes are $17.33
• The advanced program runs for 16 classes over 8 weeks: $17.33 x 16 = $312

Bootcamp-Coaching Packages:

• Eka, Sariah and Madeleina coach at a rate of $100/hour
• The Boosted package comes with 4 1-hour coaching sessions: $100 x 4 = $400
→ $400 + $312 (cost of bootcamp) = $712 – $25 bonus discount = $687
• The Supercharged package comes with 8 1-hour coaching sessions: $100 x 8 = $800
→ $800 + $312 (cost of bootcamp) = $1,112 – $50 bonus discount = $1,062

Often those new to our programs are concerned that they are not physically fit enough to make it through the bootcamp. Our basic bootcamps are designed as a graduated introduction to high intensity interval training. This means we start at square one (body awareness, proper alignment, functional movement, etc.) and build from there.

If you have a physical complication or injury and want to know if we can accommodate you in a basic bootcamp, please contact us directly through our contact page here.

We ask that for basic EmbodyAwesome Bootcamps, you miss no more than 3 classes over the bootcamp, with none of those misses being in the first week.

For the Advanced Program, you may miss up to two classes over the bootcamp, with none of those misses being in the first week.

This is due to the depth and subtlety of our training curriculum, as well as to the importance of creating a stable and trusting community in which to do transformative work.

If you cannot make the required amount of sessions, it is probably best to either wait for the next bootcamp season, or consider doing one-on-one coaching and training work with one of our coaches. Find out more here.

As with most things, the more aspects of the total program you take on, the better. For the EmbodyAwesome Bootcamp, this includes:

• Showing up to each class in the 8 week period
• Addressing basic aspects of your daily nutrition and food choices
• Staying active and accountable with your pod
• Doing one short fitness practice on your own (or with another bootcamper) each week
• Doing one significant self-care practice a week (like massage, hike, dance class, etc.)
• Choosing and taking action on one ‘Heroic Focus’ (to be explained in session)
• Familiarize yourself with the members page and its resources, including the Nutritional Guide and the At-Home Practice Guide

In the Advanced Program, you must be ready to commit to all the above, with the only differences being:

• Doing one standard length fitness practice on your own each week
• Doing one meditative and breath practice on your own each week
• Choosing and taking action on one ‘Hero Quest’ (to be explained in session)

We are happy to address your concerns! Write to us directly by submitting your question through our contact page here.