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Trainers and Coaches are not here to fix you, walk your path for you, or tell you how it is.

We are here to guide you back to your innate power and truth, to stand courageously with you in facing your discomforts and fears, and to celebrate your journey of aliveness, empowerment and leadership.

We love what we do because we believe in the transformative power of what we facilitate, as well as in the pressing need our era has for such work.

In short, we’re here to serve the emergence of your awesome self!

Eka, MBS, CA-L Co-Founder and CSO, Lead Trainer, Superhero

Eka’s heroic interests and goals?

Being awesome; taking play seriously; feeli…

Sariah, RYT, KRI Co-Founder and CVO, Lead Trainer, Superheroine

Sariah Sizemore is a coach, lead trainer, and co-owner of EmbodyAwesome. Together with Eka Joti t…

Madeleina, CH, CHT Lead Nutritionist, Apothecary, Alchemist

Madeleina Bolduc, a certified Clinical Herbalist, has been cultivating the science and art of nat…