EmbodyAwesome and Transformational Fitness

Transformational Fitness: Embrace Your Body, Empower Your Life

kundalini spirit and spine

EmbodyAwesome: Statement of Purpose

We at EmbodyAwesome believe that when you create a healthy and whole relationship with your body you gain access to awareness, purpose and choice, and thus the practical ability to transform your life.

Transformational Fitness (TF) is our proprietary approach to physical fitness that emphasizes embodiment and results in complete life improvements. Through teaching you how to be more connected to the intelligence inherent in your body, you come to experience more aliveness, vitality and creativity in every aspect of your life.

Transformational Fitness acknowledges and addresses the epidemic of physical disembodiment, fragmentation, and stress-fueled lives. Practicing TF reconnects you with your whole self, embodied wellness, community, vision, and the possibility of uplifting yourself and others on small and grand scales.

Ultimately, we seek to develop embodied and courageous leaders, able to stand confidently in each moment, dream radically, and act boldly in the face of opportunity and challenge.

Description of Our Functional Model: Transformational Fitness

Achieving these ambitious goals requires fitness at all levels of being, allowing for a vibrant and visionary expression of each individual. As our model of choice, Transformational Fitness is composed of the following 6 dimensions:

1. Neuro-Muscular Fitness
This dimension includes basic physical fitness, as well as being able to cognitively map your body and understand its somatic language

2. Psycho-Emotional Fitness
This dimension emphasizes emotional intelligence as a felt-sense (not just as an idea or concept), precision of focus and concentration, as well as body-centered methods of mindfulness and stress management

3. Neuro-Endocrine Fitness
A complex dimension that is often poorly understood, it includes healthy functioning of critical neuro-transmitters, metabolism, and hormones, as well as your nervous system and gladular system as a whole

4. Cardio-Respiratory Fitness
This dimension is all about how well the heart and lungs and their related systems can support the creative demands put on the body and mind in achieving a fulfilling life

5. Creative Fitness
An often overlooked dimension, it hones skills such as sensing  and amplifying a somatic sense of purpose, using positive visualization and role play, championing others and sourcing leadership from embodiment

6. Relational Fitness
This dimension focuses on the critical ability of being able to cultivate nourishing relationships; it includes communication and interaction, the importance of community in life change, the many non-human relationships we experience, and one’s sense of belonging within larger natural systems and life as a whole

Transformational Fitness Programs

This model forms the backbone of our group fitness bootcamps, our private fitness training, our yoga classes, our nutritional coaching and our workshop series.

In our EmbodyAwesome Bootcamps, we focus on classic physical fitness as a doorway to life transformation.

Similarly in our Private Fitness Training, we identify whole life goals that are supported and achieved through fitness training.

Private Yoga

Embodiment Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

And our various workshops are ways of deeply exploring a specific topic of embodiment and wellness, always focusing on whole life change.

Benefits of Transformational Fitness-Based Programs

• Increased physical comfort and ease

• Stress management and emotional balance

• Enhanced creativity

• Cultivating more nourishing relationships

• Improved self confidence

• More focus and cognitive clarity

• Courage to face fears, discomfort and limitation

• Improved immune function

• Healthy nervous system

What Informs Our Work

• Harmonic Alignment and Natural Movement; Joy of Movement

• Kinesthetics and Somatics

• Bodyweight Focused Interval Training as Informed By Mark Lauren

• ACE Personal and Group Fitness Training

• Hatha Yoga: Yogic Breathing, Posture & Alignment

• Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga

• Mindfulness and Meditation Training (Body & Breath Awareness, Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions)

• Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Practices, Stress Management Practices

• CTI Life Coaching Method

• CTI Leadership Method

• Interchange Counseling, Depth Counseling

• Team Mechanics & Dynamics, Developmental Games

• Improvisation, Improv Games, Improv Theater

• Transformational NLP, Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques

• Somatic Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Positive Psychology

• Self-Suggestion, Placebo, Positive Visualization

• Traditional Chinese & Tibetan Medicine and Nutrition, Western Herbalism